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Have you ever encountered the various pallet sizes and wondered which is right for your business? Businesses aiming to order timber pallets often face such dilemmas.

Understanding the Australian pallet size can make your shipping and storage tasks far more streamlined. With a country as vast and as export-oriented as Australia, there’s no surprise standards and customs are in place to make transportation more efficient.

The luxury of having custom pallets tailored to your needs means your products fit just right. This precise fit reduces potential damage and storage issues.

Read about the complexities surrounding the custom and the standard pallet size in Australia.

Standard Pallet Size in Australia

One of the most common sizes today is the standard pallet size in Australia. This term is often referred to as the Australian standard pallet. This pallet typically measures:

  • 1165mm in width
  • 1165mm in length
  • 150mm in height

These are used in retail and manufacturing due to their robust nature and ability to handle heavy loads.

Diversity in Pallet Dimensions

The size above is the most recognised. However, there are variations in pallet dimensions to cater to different needs.

Export Pallets

Measuring 1100mm x 1100mm, these pallets are tailored for international shipping. They are smaller than the standard Australian pallet size but are still popular among exporters.

Half Pallets

Half pallets measure 1165mm x 580mm. These are utilised for smaller loads or items needing quicker access during transportation or in retail settings.

Why Should You Use Wooden Pallets in Australia?

Wooden pallets, particularly those crafted from pine, stand as the backbone of the shipping industry in Australia. Their robustness and ability to be repaired and recycled make them an environmentally friendly and cost-effective choice. 

The rich availability of pine in Australia further drives down the cost, making it a favourite for many businesses.

Custom Pallets: Tailored to Your Needs

Every business is unique, and sometimes, the standard pallet sizes might not be the perfect fit for your products. This is where custom pallets come into play. 

As offered by Pinewood Products, custom pallets allow businesses to have pallets manufactured to their exact requirements.

Whether it’s a specific size your product fits onto, or a unique design to ensure safety during transportation, customised pallets provide flexibility that standard sizes might not.

By ensuring your products fit onto these pallets, you’re ensuring safety and efficient space usage. This can be crucial for storage and transportation costs.

Pick the Right Australian Pallet Size For Your Business

Choosing the right pallet size, be it the standard Australian pallet size or a custom size tailored to your needs, is imperative for efficient transportation and storage. 

Businesses can make informed decisions with a clear understanding of pallet dimensions and the advantages of wooden pallets.

Moreover, the options are limitless. Pinewood Products offers standard, custom pallets in Australia and quality timber pallet manufacturing. 

Remember, it’s not only about transporting goods; it’s about ensuring they reach their destination in remarkable condition. 

If you’re looking for the perfect pallet solution for your business, contact Pinewood Products for your custom pallets today.