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CCA-Treated Pine

Copper chrome arsenate (CCA) treated timber offers a strong and resilient material for various construction and landscaping projects. 

Both copper and arsenic serve as fungicides and insecticides, while chromium helps bind the chemicals into the wood. CCA helps extend the wood’s lifespan, preventing damage caused by rot, fungus, insects, termites and general timber decay.

At Pinewood Products, we manufacture and supply CCA-treated timber to suit your specific needs. Contact us to request a quote now.

Uses of CCA-treated pine

  • Fencing CCA-treated pine is suitable for outdoor use such as creating long-lasting fencing and fence posts resistant to rot, decay and insect infestation.
  • Structural framing When it comes to commercial and industrial buildings, having a solid and reliable CCA-treated timber frame is essential. Timber can bend slightly without compromising its strength, meaning any shifts in your foundation will not impact your structure’s stability.
  • Landscaping Treated timber has various landscaping applications, including garden edging and retaining walls.

Note that chemicals in CCA-treated wood can pose risks to human health and the environment. In Australia, CCA-treated timber cannot be used for exterior seating, garden furniture, children’s play equipment, handrails and domestic decking. 

Why choose CCA-treated pine for your next project

  • Unmatched strength CCA-treated wood can withstand dents, scratches and significant wear and tear. 
  • Insect-resistant Pressure-treated timber is embedded with preservatives that make wood resistant to fungi, rot and insects.
  • Greater cost savings Untreated wood is more susceptible to damage, so repair or replacement expenses can quickly ramp up. On the other hand, CCA-treated timber provides superior performance even after prolonged use.

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