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Custom Timber Pallets

Pinewood products — Specialty pallets

Along with our standard pallets, we provide our clients with customised pallets for their packaging requirements. For example, should they be shipping internationally, the standard size for Australian pallets (1165mm x 1165mm) may not be the optimum size required for the company’s goods for transport.

At Pinewood Products, we can build custom pallets to suit every transport and storage request, including specialty pallets that suits our client’s cargo or individual storage dimensions and capacities.

What is the ISPM15 standard?

We can build our custom pallets to ISPM15 standards. This is the internationally recognised sanitary standards created by the World Trade Organisation’s International Plant Protection Convention. Designed to prevent the international shipment of solid wood materials (such as pallet packaging) which have the potential to introduce pathogens to their destination, ISPM15 is used worldwide as the approved standard.

As an Australian exporter of goods overseas, it is of paramount importance that there be no outstanding issues with storage. It is vital for the smooth flow of commerce that goods shouldn’t be held up at overseas terminals. Our custom pallets, made to ISPM15 standard, gives our clients peace of mind.

Scalloped timber for packaging and storage

Transporting concrete or plastic pipes? Our experienced team at Pinewood Products can supply scalloped timber to accommodate such packaging necessities.

Pallets and packaging are a key part of any business distribution network, whether using them to store goods or transport them nationally or internationally. Therefore, getting the right type of pallet and packaging is important. Sometimes this means ordering custom-made pallets that will solve these requirements. With over 30 years in the business, we have both the experience and knowledge to build quality, specialty pallets that will fulfil any transport or storage need.

Interested to hear more about how we can help with custom-made pallets? We understand our customers may have a specific need for national or international transport, and we are happy to work with them to find those solutions, be it a standard pallet, custom pallet or general timber packaging. Contact us for more information, and talk to our team about how we can solve packaging problems with custom-made pallets.

When you send shipments on Australian sized pallets instead of custom pallets your clients are faced with a problem. A standard European size pallet is 1200 x 1800mm, while in North America they are 1016 x 1219mm. This means your clients will either waste storage space with pallets that do not fit together perfectly or they’ll need to reload everything on arrival which takes some time to redo. Avoid this dilemma by using custom wooden pallets from Pinewood Products’ range.

Custom hardwood pallets for returnable flows

Custom pallets can be made to order for specific uses. Custom pinewood pallets are cheap — perfect when you are sending a one-time shipment and the pallet will not be returned. Long-lasting but slightly more costly, custom hardwood pallets are ideal for when you are sending and receiving from clients and can get the pallet back. For custom pallets of any type, get in touch with Pinewood Products today.

Custom hardwood or softwood pallets

Custom timber pallets are made to order for specific uses. Most custom pallets are cheap and intended to be disposed of — perfect when sending a one-time shipment, and the pallet will not be returned. However, when sending and receiving pallets from clients, you may prefer custom made pallets that are more durable. Being able to re-use the same pallets repeatedly will save you money in the long term and is one of the top reasons to buy custom shipping pallets.

We use the same high-quality timber in our specialty pallets as we do in the rest of our range of products. So whether you’re looking for affordable pinewood custom pallets in Melbourne or long-lasting hardwood custom pallets in Sydney, Pinewood Products is here to help. We have custom pallets for sale that will fit any requirement, so get in touch today and let us know what you need!

Custom Pallets FAQs

Custom timber pallets are wooden pallets designed and built to meet the requirements of a business or application. They fit the size and weight capacity needed for a particular purpose.

Custom timber pallets are designed to match the dimensions of a product and optimise storage. They also decrease transportation space and provide the necessary load-bearing capacity. This can lead to cost savings and improved efficiency compared to standard pallets.

The dimensions of custom timber pallets vary based on the specific needs of the customer. Common sizes include the standard European size of 1200 x 1800 mm and the North American size of 1016 x 1229mm. Custom sizes can range from small to oversized pallets for heavy machinery.

Yes, custom timber pallets will meet international shipping standards. This includes those set by organisations like ISPM 15 for heat treatment and fumigation requirements. This is to prevent the spread of pests.

Custom timber pallets can be made from hardwood for extra durability and can be reused if sent between business and customer. Softwood is used for pallets intended for disposal after use. The choice of wood depends on the intended use, load capacity requirements, and environmental considerations.

Yes, custom timber pallets can be heat-treated to meet ISPM 15 regulations for international shipping. Heat treatment eliminates pests and reduces the risk of spreading invasive species across borders.

The manufacturing time for custom timber pallets can vary depending on the complexity of the design, the quantity needed, and the availability of materials. Contact us to find out the lead time on your custom pallets.

Custom timber pallets can be more expensive than standard pallets due to the customisation and higher-quality materials required. However, they offer cost savings in terms of improved efficiency and reduced product damage.

Yes, custom timber pallets can be reused and recycled. Timber pallets are often repaired and reused multiple times before they reach the end of their life cycle. When they can no longer be used, the wood can be recycled or repurposed.

Custom timber pallets may require maintenance, such as repairs or refurbishing, depending on their use and wear over time. Regular inspection and maintenance can extend their lifespan and efficiency.

Order Your Custom Timber Pallets Today

Get peace of mind that your products are safe during the shipping process with quality custom pallets. Get in touch to provide us with your specific requirements, dimensions, load capacity, and any special features you need. We will work with you to design and produce the perfect custom timber pallets. Contact Us.