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Timber Dunnage

Why Invest in Dunnage?

Are you in the automotive or industrial industries? You might be familiar with dunnage wood.

Used to secure items like steel or pipe during shipping, dunnage is a great way to ensure your materials arrive at their location safe and secure. Dunnage timber, also known as packaging timber, protects against jostling and harmful movements that might occur during transportation, resulting in damage to your products and materials. Not only is it great for protection, but it can also end up saving your business.

Dunnage timber packaging is a great option that will fulfil all of your needs. It’s cheap, easy, readily available, and more environmentally friendly than other options. If you’re shipping products and want to make sure they’re safe without spending a fortune, timber dunnage is an excellent option.

Pinewood Products: Your Go-To for Packaging Timber

Protecting your assets is important! That’s why Pinewood Products offers a variety of packaging timber that is sure to meet all your needs. We know that no two projects are exactly the same. We offer custom cut dunnage to meet your required length and strength, so your cargo is as secure as possible.

Our on-site machining capabilities and fleet of trucks means that we can guarantee efficient turnaround times for your projects. No more waiting weeks for the items you need now – we make sure to provide quick, quality dunnage wood and other timber products.

When you partner with Pinewood Products, you can avoid complications or delays from international shipping. We are accredited to certify timber as ISPM15 according to Australia’s outlined import conditions. This means that you can rest easy knowing your timber is compliant.

Order Your Dunnage Timber Today

Is it any wonder that Pinewood Products is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of timber packaging products?

Our family-owned business has been operating for almost 30 years, giving us the confidence and experience to meet your needs. No job is too big or small for us! It doesn’t matter if you’re international or local – we can help you find the right products for your business.

Ring us today at 07 5573 1244 or get in touch with us via our online form. We can give you a free quote or discuss the requirements for your project. We can’t wait to help you!

Timber Dunnage Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly is Dunnage Timber?

Dunnage timber refers to wood materials like boards, planks, blocks, and beams cut from various lumber types and used to stabilise, secure, and protect cargo during transportation and storage.

Dunnage packing timber is one of the most commonly used and versatile forms of dunnage because it’s good at distributing weight, absorbing shocks, filling voids, and preventing load shifting when braced around or against cargo. This cushions freight and maintains stability even during rough handling and long journeys. With damage minimised, cargo arrives safely.

Why Is Timber an Ideal Choice for Dunnage?

Its strength (relative to its low weight) allows it to handle heavy stacking loads easily without excessive buckling or deformation. Timber boards maintain their rigid shape when bracing cargo tightly, rather than compressing or bending. The cellular structure of wood allows it to absorb vibrations and impact well, cushioning any blows to cargo during transit.

Timber also withstands exposure, moisture and rough handling. Its innate durability allows repeated use, trip after trip, when maintained properly. The texture and grain provide friction that prevents slippage or sliding of dunnaged items, so they stay locked in place. Timber is affordable, workable and can be recycled. This gives it outstanding economic and sustainability advantages.

What Types of Timber Work Best for Dunnage?

Softwoods like pine, fir, cedar and spruce offer incredible strength for bracing and blocking. Their only downside is potential moisture absorption.

Hardwoods like oak, maple and birch have outstanding rigidity and durability. They resist moisture much better than softwoods.

Engineered woods like plywood provide uniform performance but may delaminate with heavy moisture exposure.

Previously used timber boards refurbished into dunnage can also be suitable for reuse thanks to their seasoned durability.

The ideal timber depends on many factors beyond species, including availability, cost, stability, moisture levels, and required lifetime.

How Does Dunnage Timber Protect Cargo?

Spreading concentrated weights across the entire floor prevents crushed containers or trailers. Filling gaps and voids this way eliminates dangerous load shifting during transit, which could cause tipping and damage.

Cushioning cargo from shocks and vibration prevents items from directly striking each other or the container surfaces. Maintaining clearance spaces also prevents crushing from other freight, and bracing cylindrical items like drums or pipes stops uncontrolled rolling.

Timber friction helps resist the sliding of stacked items, and structural timber reinforcements can prevent load collapse if cargo starts to compress or tip. With skilled dunnage design using suitable timber, loads can be protected across even the wildest routes.

What Are the Different Timber Dunnage Techniques for Securing Cargo?

There is an incredible variety of timber dunnage solutions to stabilise specific loads:

Flat blocking beneath the cargo spreads its weight evenly across the floor. X- or K-style cross bracing between layers locks stacked items in place. Solid timber sheets fitted into spaces prevent void shifting, and lumber “shelves” can separate pipes, drums, etc.

Triangular edge protectors will prevent corner damage. Upright posts maintain clearance between items, and chocks or wedges can immobilise rolling stock in rail cars.

With so many possible configurations, timber provides custom solutions for any load.

How Can Dunnage Timber Be Made More Cost-Effective?

Our locations can produce up to 1,000 pallets each day. Reach out to our office to discover what the lead time is for our pallets depending on how many you need. We strive to deliver our customers’ orders as quickly as possible.