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Quality Timber Products

Pinewood Products is a family-owned manufacturer of quality treated pine products, servicing Australia for over 30 years. Located on the Gold Coast and in Kurri Kurri, we support partners and merchants locally and internationally. By keeping our company family-owned, we maintain high-quality standards, sharing our products with you.

We provide a variety of timber products for domestic and commercial construction, warehousing and shipping, furniture manufacturing, and landscaping. Our facilities treat timber with CCA, ACQ, and H2F treatments to keep your products looking new for years.

Pine is one of the strongest, most versatile timbers used today, perfect for construction projects and shipping tough goods. As a leading manufacturer of timber products in Australia, we are proud to provide these wholesale products to customers worldwide.

Why Choose Pinewood Products? 

Pinewood Products is a leading timber supplier in Australia, known for our commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

  • Timber Supplier Australia: Trusted by professionals across Australia, we provide reliable and high-quality timber products.
  • Pinewood Products Australia: Our reputation for excellence is built on years of providing top-tier timber solutions.
  • Sustainable Timber Sourcing: We are committed to environmentally responsible practices, ensuring our timber is sourced sustainably.

Premium Timber Supplier

Contact us today for a quote or visit our store to explore our full range of quality timber supplies. Whether you need treated pine for a fencing project or custom hardwood for furniture, Pinewood Products has the perfect solution for you.

Types of Timber Products

Construction Timber

We supply a variety of construction-grade timber, tailored to meet the demands of both commercial and residential projects.

  • Timber for Construction: Reliable and sturdy, our construction timber is ideal for framing, beams, and other building needs.
  • Commercial Timber: Our commercial timber products are designed to withstand the rigors of large-scale construction projects, ensuring strength and durability.

Applications of Timber 

Outdoor and Landscaping Timber 

Our timber products are designed to withstand the elements, making them perfect for outdoor applications.

  • Outdoor Timber: Suitable for any external use, our outdoor timber is treated to resist weathering and decay.
  • Timber for Landscaping: Enhance the beauty and functionality of your landscape with our specially treated timber products.
  • Timber for Decking: Our durable decking timber options provide a stylish and long-lasting solution for outdoor spaces.

Residential Timber Products 

We offer a range of timber products specifically designed for residential use, ensuring quality and longevity.

  • Residential Timber: Perfect for home projects, our residential timber is treated to provide long-lasting performance.
  • Quality Timber Products: We uphold high standards for all our timber products, ensuring you receive only the best materials for your home.
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Pallet & Packaging

Pinewood Products supports Australian industries with our range of pallet and packaging options. We offer standard and custom-built pallets, crates, and dunnage, ideal for both local and international shipping and storage.

  • Pallet Options: Standard and custom-built pallets designed to meet your specific requirements.
  • Crates and Dunnage: Robust solutions for securing and protecting your cargo during transit.
  • ISPM15 Compliance: Our pallets and packaging options meet the ISPM15 standard, ensuring your cargo arrives compliant, safely, and securely.
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Custom Timber Solutions

At Pinewood Products, we understand that every project is unique. That’s why we offer custom timber solutions to meet your specific needs.

  • Custom Timber Solutions: Tailored to your requirements, our custom timber solutions ensure you get the exact specifications you need.
  • Timber Manufacturing: Our precision manufacturing processes allow us to create bespoke timber products for any application.
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Treated Pine Timber

Our treated pine timber products are perfect for various applications, offering durability and protection against the elements and pests.

  • Treated Pine Products: Our treated pine is versatile and ideal for a wide range of uses, from fencing to decking.
  • CCA-Treated Timber: Chromated copper arsenate (CCA) treatment provides superior protection against rot and insects, making it ideal for structural applications.
  • ACQ-Treated Timber: Alkaline copper quaternary (ACQ) treatment is a more environmentally friendly option, offering excellent durability and resistance to decay.
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