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Timber Products

Pinewood Products is a family-owned manufacturer of quality treated pine products, servicing Australia for over 30 years. Located on the Gold Coast and in Kurri Kurri, Pinewood Products support partners and merchants locally and internationally. By keeping our company family-owned, we have been able to maintain the high-quality standards we set for ourselves at our inception, and we are proud to share those products with you. Learn more about our extensive manufacturing capabilities.

Pinewood Products provides a variety of timber products for domestic and commercial construction, warehousing and shipping, furniture manufacturing, and landscaping. Our Gold Coast facilities treat our timber with CCA, ACQ, and H2F treatments to keep your products looking new for years to come.

Pine is one of the strongest, most versatile timbers used today. Its strength and durability make it perfect for most construction projects, from homes to playgounds. This same strength makes pine the perfect timber for pallets and crates to ship the toughest goods. As a leading manufacturer of timber products in Australia, Pinewood Products is proud to provide these wholesale products and more to our customers across the globe.

Pallets, Crating, and Packaging

Pinewood Products proudly supports Australian manufacturing and shipping industries with both standard size and custom size pallets, crates, and dunnage. Our pallets meet the ISPM15 international standards and are used by many in the automotive, engineering, steel, and pipe manufacturing industries. We’ll help ensure your cargo arrives safely and securely. Learn more.

Wholesale Timber

Our pretreated timber is perfect for your next construction project. Pinewood Products has both treated and untreated timber for your framing, trussing, and other construction needs. We carry timber for commercial and residential construction, industrial packaging and manufacturing, furniture construction and more. Our timber is quality checked and meets all Australian standards. Learn more.

Outdoor Timber

Pre-treated timber is our specialty. We are a leading Australian provider for many of your landscaping needs including fencing, decking, and cladding. Our timber, treated with either CCA, ACQ, or H2F, is ready to go for your gazebo or patio, and because it is treated, you can leave behind your worries of decay and insect attack. Learn more.

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Pallet & Packaging

With standard and custom-built pallet options, crates and dunnage, Pinewood Products support Australian industries. Our pallets and packaging options are ideal for both local and international shipping and storage, meeting ISPM15 standard. We’ll help ensure your cargo arrives compliant, safely and securely.

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Wholesale Timber Products

Are you looking for bulk framing, bracing, webbs, noggs or other timber products?  Pinewood Products is a leading Australian wholesaler of wood-based products for the housing, renovation, commercial and industrial construction markets. With over 30 years of experience, we can help you find the right solution.

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Outdoor Timber Products

With CCA, ACQ and H2F treatment facilities at our leading Gold Coast premises, Pinewood Products is an Australian supplier of timber products for the fencing, landscaping, decking, cladding and other construction markets. We work with Australian wholesalers and timber merchants delivering superior outdoor timber.

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