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Pallets & Packaging

Premium Pine Packaging and Pallets

We Support Australian Industries With Custom and Standard Packaging and Pallets for Sale.

Trust the Leading Supplier of Pine Pallets

If you’re looking for a high-quality and reliable pallets manufacturer, look no further than Pinewood Products. We partner with companies across Sydney, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast. At Pinewood Products, we enjoy supplying local businesses with premium pallets and packaging. Our options are perfect for international and local shipping and storage.

Our pine products ensure that your cargo arrives securely and safely while staying in compliance with government regulations. They’re designed to meet ISPM15 standards. Are you ready to learn more about our export pallets and packaging? Reach out to us today to get a quote.

Explore Our Selection of High-Quality Products

Pinewood Products offers standard-supply pallets, custom-made pallets, pine crates, and dunnage to our customers. Our goal is to secure your materials during the shipping process regardless of where it’s getting delivered.

Standard Australian Pallets

We manufacture standard-size pallets whose dimensions are recognised in Australian shipping and warehousing industries. We make our pallets locally on the Gold Coast and in Sydney, adhering to stringent quality standards.

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Specialty Pallet Manufacturers

If you have products to deliver nationally or are shipping internationally, we can build custom pallets to cater to your cargo’s dimensions and capacities. Our custom pallets can be built to the ISPM15 international standard. Get specialty heat treated pallets from your local wooden pallet supplier in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and delivered Australia wide.

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Custom Crate Manufacturers

At Pinewood Products, our pine crates are custom designed and stringently manufactured at our Gold Coast and Sydney facility to your needs.   Our specialised pallets and crates are supplied into many markets including automotive, engineering, steel and pipe manufacturers, to name a few.

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Australian Dunnage Manufacturers

Secure your cargo during shipping with our timber dunnage options. We’ll cut your dunnage to your required strength and length,  working with you to ensure your cargo arrives safely at your destination.

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Scalloped Bearers

Scalloped bearers are ideal for storing and shipping plastic or steel pipes. Our experts will cut the scalloped sections to your depth and diameter. This ensures your packaging is perfect for your product’s length and profile, avoiding unnecessary shipping and storage issues.

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