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Australian Standard Pallets

Wooden pallets, particularly those of standard size 1165mm, stand as the backbone of the manufacturing and warehousing sectors, facilitating the seamless transportation of goods across Australia. As a premier pallet and packaging manufacturer and supplier, Pinewood Products recognises the critical role of pallets in the supply chain and offers a comprehensive range of both standard and custom pallet solutions. Our customised pallet solutions incorporate the Australian standard pallet size of 1165mm for the best fit and interoperability tailored to meet diverse industry requirements, for efficiency in pallet racking and export compatibility.

Timber Pallets

Our standard pallets, made from top-grade pine products, conform to the industry standard pallet size of 1165 mm, facilitating easy storage and transport. Manufactured locally on the Gold Coast and in Kurri Kurri, each wooden pallet adheres strictly to Australian standards, including the Australian standard pallet size of 1165mm, ensuring resilience against the rigours of transportation and storage. With over three decades of experience, Pinewood Products takes pride in delivering pallets that exceed expectations in both performance and longevity, including standard size wooden pallets for export.

Pallet Size in Australia

Aligned with Australian Standard AS:4068-1993, our pallets dimensions of 1165mm x 1165mm, is designed to fit seamlessly into Australia’s logistics infrastructure. This standardisation,, not only ensures compliance with regulatory requirements but also facilitates interoperability across warehouses, transportation fleets, and material handling equipment nationwide.

Solutions for Australian Industries

At Pinewood Products, we understand that every industry has unique packaging needs, and that’s why we integrate standard pallet sizes with adaptable pallet design to meet these varied requirements. Our pallet solutions include standard pallet sizes to enhance compatibility with existing pallet racking systems, customisable pallet solutions accommodating various standard pallet sizes and pallet racking needs. tailored to the specific requirements of Australian businesses, including standard size constraints for export purposes. Whether it’s the transport of fresh produce, heavy machinery, or delicate electronics, our pallets provide a robust and reliable foundation for the safe and efficient movement of goods, with options available in the standard pallet size for easy handling and storage.

Advantages of Standard Australian Pallets

Industry Acceptance

Pinewood Products’ standard pallets, adhering to the standard pallet size of 1165 mm, enjoy widespread acceptance across a multitude of industries, including manufacturing, retail, agriculture, and pharmaceuticals.

Efficiency and Compatibility

Designed for compatibility with standard regulatory measurements, our pallets seamlessly integrate into existing supply chains, warehouses, trucks, and forklift operations, ensuring efficient material handling processes.

Durability and Reliability

Constructed from high-quality pine materials, our pallets offer exceptional strength and durability, making them ideal for the demanding Australian environment and suitable for pallet racking systems.

Contact Us for Your Pallet Needs

Experience the difference that Pinewood Products’ standard Australian pallets can make in optimising your logistics and packaging operations. Contact us today to discuss your requirements, including the need for standard size platforms or custom solutions, and let our knowledgeable team assist you in selecting the perfect pallet solution for your business needs. With Pinewood Products, you can trust in the reliability and performance of our pallets to streamline your operations and enhance your bottom line, especially when integrated into standardised pallet racking systems.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Wooden Pallets

What's the difference between a skid and a standard pallet?

Skids and standard pallets are similar in construction, leading many people to confuse the two. Skids get built with only a top deck. They also weigh less than pallets. Pallets have a top and bottom deck. The dual decks give pallets more stability than skids.

What's the load-bearing capacity of a standard pallet?

Load-bearing is a safety feature you need to consider when purchasing an Australian standard pallet. Pallets are constructed from wood, making them susceptible to damage from overuse and the elements. How you use your pallet can also impact its load-bearing capacity. For example, a dynamic load refers to the weight you place on a pallet before putting it in motion. Being in motion refers to moving the pallet around with various equipment, like a forklift. Static load means when weight gets placed on a pallet that’s at rest, like when it’s storing items. Racking load is when you place a pallet in a racking system. It’s important to consider what you will use your pallets for before purchasing them. You want to ensure that the pallet has the right load-bearing capacity for your purposes

Can I use a pallet jack with a standard pallet?

Our standard pallets are easily transported with a forklift. Forklift tynes are thinner than the ones on a pallet jack. Move the adjustable tines closer together or farther apart depending on your needs. Pinewood Products offers specialty pallet construction options if you want to use a pallet jack. Don’t hesitate to reach out with your custom requests.

What are ISPM 15 pallets?

ISPM 15 stands for the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15. It regulates wood packaging materials for international trade. The standard was developed to address the spread of timber pests globally. It does so by regulating the movement of dunnage and timber packing that’s used in international trade. ISPM 15 applies to non-coniferous and coniferous wood packing materials, including pallets.

Are Pinewood Products ISPM 15 compliant?

Yes, all of our pallets are designed to comply with the regulations set forth by ISPM 15. No matter what country you’re exporting your goods to, feel confident that your pallets are ISPM 15 compliant. You don’t have to worry about encountering any unnecessary delays or complications in that department.

What wood is used for standard pallets?

We construct all our standard pallets from high-quality pine. These pallets are manufactured locally on the Gold Coast, Queensland and in Kurri Kurri, New South Wales.

How long will it take for my pallets to ship?

Our locations can produce up to 1,000 pallets each day. Reach out to our office to discover what the lead time is for our pallets depending on how many you need. We strive to deliver our customers’ orders as quickly as possible.

Can I recycle my standard pallets?

You can repair and reuse standard pine pallets numerous times before you need to dispose of them. Their lifecycle isn’t over once they’re no longer a functional pallet. Repurpose or recycle the wood from the pallet for many purposes.