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Outdoor Timber Products

Treated Pine Log

Pinewood Products is a family-owned manufacturer of quality treated pine products, servicing Australia for over 30 years. Located on the Gold Coast, Pinewood Products support partners and merchants locally and internationally. Learn more about our extensive manufacturing capabilities.

As the leading provider of treated pine logs, you can trust Pinewood Products for affordable, durable logs when building outdoor structures and furniture that withstand the outside elements.

Commercial and council applications of treated pine logs

Treated pine logs boast exceptional durability and weather resistance — offering businesses and local governments an affordable, long-lasting solution for building outdoor structures and furniture to support their communities.

From fencing to retaining walls, cladding, pergolas, decking, gazebos and more, our treated pine logs in Sydney and the rest of Australia offer a robust build that can safely support the weight of people, furniture and other fixtures.

Treated pine logs for every need

Pinewood Products boasts an extensive range of treated pine logs. Request a quote online today or contact us with any of your questions, and one of our staff members will be happy to assist with all your treated pine log needs.

Fencing & Landscaping Timber

A traditional paling fence today is constructed of hardwood posts, pine rails and flat-top pine palings, that are fully protected with a leading CCA treatment. Offering both pine and hardwood fencing & landscape timbers along with Pine and Hardwood sleepers, Pinewood Products can supply everything you need for your fencing and landscaping timber market.

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Treated Decking & Cladding

Treated pine is one of the most versatile, flexible and cost-effective solutions for Australian decking and cladding. Treated pine is also popular because of its strength and durability.  Pinewood Products are leading treated pine decking and pine cladding suppliers.

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Treated Pine Logs

Pinewood Products are suppliers of precision cut, robust CCA and ACQ treated pine logs for commercial and council applications such as rural fencing, playgrounds and signs, through to residential applications like retaining walls and garden edging. Contact us for our extensive range of treated pine log lengths and diameters.

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Treated Pine Structural Timber

Treated pine structural timber is ideal for domestic and commercial outdoor applications due to its low costs, strength and durability. Pinewood Products are leading Australian suppliers of treated timber products for outdoor constructions such as pergolas or sub floors for deck’s and gazebos, where there may be fungicide and insecticide concerns.

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