Wholesale Timber Products

Pinewood Products is a family-owned manufacturer of quality treated pine products, servicing Australia for over 30 years. Located on the Gold Coast, Pinewood Products support partners and merchants locally and internationally. Learn more about our extensive manufacturing capabilities.

Pine Framing

With H2F treated and untreated solutions, pine framing is preferred by Australian builders for its strength, ease of use and cost-effectiveness. Pinewood Products have been supplying pine framing for over a decade and guarantee that all pine framing is quality checked, graded and meets all Australian standards for your supply needs.

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Ancillary Pine Products

Pinewood Products is a wholesale supplier of ancillary pine products for your frame and truss supply needs. Pre-constructed pine products are ideal for builders who are looking to reduce their domestic or commercial construction project time, reduce onsite risks and get optimum returns from their building projects.

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Industrial Pine Products

Industrial grade pine used in all types of packaging and remanufacturing situations is available in all sizes and lengths. Chat to Pinewood Products if you are looking for premium industrial grade pine.

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Furniture Components

Due to its strength, durability and low build costs, Pine is one of the most popular woods for furniture manufacturing. From lounge frames to bed components, you name it, Pinewood Products are a leading supplier of indoor and outdoor furniture components for Australian suppliers and manufacturers.

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